By Farooq Mehsud

Mehsud group announces separation from TTP

D I KHAN :  Mehsud Taliban group has announced its dissociation from Tehreek e  Taliban Pakistan (TTP). Current lighting an organized conspiracy of the TTP gang went into the invisible hands  (TTP) spokesman. Azam Tariq.

The spokesman of the Mehsud group, made the announcement in a press conference from an undisclosed location.
Azam said that promotion of sectarian mindset and individual ideologies has created rift among the Taliban and they were deviating from the real cause. He said that the present Taliban regime was carrying out bomb attacks on public places with fake names and also money was being extracted from madrasas and other institutions which was not acceptable.
He Said TTP spread to other areas of mutual beliefs, theories are distrustful of the Taliban .
TTP promotes sectarian beliefs, ideas Taliban distrustful of other circles.
We considered kidnappings , extortion, any property damage and explosions are haram 
 TTP take the money wage murder and bombing schools and public places, from monasteries to demand huge sums of money are involved in crime
He added That TTP current Management spread  false propaganda against  Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and TTP are also involved in spreading false theories.
We unanimously decided that the TTP's current form  be revealed to the public.
The current TTP Refuses the decission of delegation of islamic emirate of afghanistan .
Al Qaeda and the Punjabi Taliban as collections bringing unnecessary trouble to them and will not tolerate interference in their management.
we will go ahead  in the light of the direction of leaders of islamic emirate of afghanistan.we will do jihad against Racism vanity.
Azam further said that the Mehsud group had tried to reform the TTP, adding that despite its efforts, conniving elements in the organisation had emerged successful.
The spokesman said that these elements had handed over management of the central organisation into the hands of unseen forces.
Two factions of the TTP, the umbrella grouping for disparate militant organisations, have been locked in bloody clashes for the past several weeks.
Differences emerged after Hakimullah Mehsud was killed by a US drone in November last year and with a crisis developing over future leadership of the organisation.


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