Nasib Shah Shinwari

Hasan Ali Shinwari in SF custody yet

LANDIKOTAL: Landikotal press club employee Hasan Ali Shinwari is still in the custody of security forces after he was arrested by officials to interrogate him about an IED(Improvised explosive device) which was attached to a journalist car.

Sources said that the mother and wife of Hasan Ali Shinwari have mentally tortured after their lonely source of income was arrested for interrogation on Friday, 24th November, 2017.

Civil society members, political party leaders and media organization have strongly condemned the arrest of Hasan Ali Shinwari who according to sources have ruthlessly tortured during the custody.

It is to mention here that Khali Khan Afridi, a journalist of Landikotal was released on Tuesday but the press club assistant Hasan Ali Shinwari is still in the custody of security forces and the sources said that both Khali Khan Afrid and Hasan Ali Shinwari were interrogated by the officials about the IED which was connected under the car in which Khalil Afridi and his other journalist colleagues Farhad Shinwari, Mehrab Shah Afridi, Umar Shinwari and Imran Khatak were travelling to Charwazgai area for the coverage of annual Vintage and Classic car rally.

The bomb which was attached to the journalist’s car was first spotted by a tribal policeman namely Lahori and another local journalist Sajid Mia who were also interrogated by the security officials but were later released.

According to Sajid Mia, he was also interrogated by the officials saying that they timely seen the bomb attached under the car and informed a nearby security man who later called on bomb disposal unit(BDU) to defuse the explosive.

Four journalists Farhad Shinwari, Mehrab Shah Afridi, Umar Khan Shinwari and Imran Khatak were also interrogated by the security forces for many hours and were released from the army garrison of Landikotal.

According to sources all journalists including the press club employee Hasan Ali Shinwari have physically and mentally tortured during the custody.

According to Sajid Mia, He had already sciatica and the pain was increased during the interrogation. The relatives of Sajid Mia said that he was also admitted to hospital for two days because he was mentally and physically tortured during the custody which also caused the increase of pain in his leg and back.

When the security officials freed Khalil Khan Afridi on Tuesday, they informed mediamen that Hasan Ali Shinwari, the press club employee will also be released on Thursday but till filing this report he was not freed.

It is pertinent to mention here that explosive was seen by a journalist and security man attached to the car of Khyber News Tv channel reporter ‘Khalil Khan Afridi’ when he with other four journalists Farhad Shinwari (Mashal Radio), Mehrab Shah Afridi( Daily Ummat, TNN), Umar Khan( Cameraman Khyber News TV channel) and Imran Khatak (Daily Khabrain) were travelling in a car for the coverage of 8th annual vintage and Classic car rally from Torkham to Karachi.

The explosive was later defused by the bomb disposal unit (BDU) and luckily all journalists including the vintage and classic car rally escaped a big terror attack. 


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