By Arshad mohmand

FATA lawyer  will go on strike

PESHAWAR:FATA lawyer form will go on strike if Peshawar high court refuses to hear the cases related to tribal area of Pakistan FATA lawyer form president Ijaz mohmand told.

In history of Pakistan Peshawar high court five member lager bench hear the cases from tribal area but they announce a 10 member committee of lawyer which will decide that under article 247 the Peshawar high court is eligible or not  Article 247 (7): “Neither the Supreme Court nor a High Court shall exercise any jurisdiction under the Constitution in relation to a Tribal Area, unless *[Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament)] by law otherwise provides: Provided that nothing in this clause shall affect the jurisdiction which the Supreme Court or High Court exercised in relation to a Tribal Area immediately before the commencing day.”
Ijaz mohmand told the strike will be organize with the help of local people and demonstrate in the front of National assembly Islamabad.
FCR is know as black law in tribal area implemented from 1901. Tribal people have no access to basic human right and other privilege given to the people of Pakistan in 1973 constitution.
The previous government announce some amendments but expert said that strong burocartic system did not want to implement that amendments.    


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