By Farooq Mehsud

 Pakistani leadership is not serious in peace dialogues  Shahidullah Shahid
BANNU  Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) spokesman Shahidullah Shahid said that Pakistani leadership was not serious in peace talks as  they are still killing their men (fighters) in their custody and   saying that they were killed in fighting with security forces.
Flanked by TTP political Shura member Azam Tariq, the TTP spokesman said that the Pakistani security forces and secret agencies have not  stopped killing of their volunteers in Karachi, Peshawar and other areas which they consider it a double game with them. Responding to aquestion, Shahidullah Shahid said that Pakistan's government was responsible for deadlock in peace process. He said that the government committee refused to meet TTP committee but they still want to continue peace dialogues with the government. Azam Tariq said the ball is in the government court if they want
ceasefire they would welcome it.  He termed Pakistan's constitution against Islam and said that they would not accept it at any cost. He said  they had sacrifices their thousands of fighters fighting
denying from the constitution. Shahid said it has no chance to hold talks with the government under the constitution as they did not  accept it before. Adding, if the government was serious to hold peace
talks with TTP it would be under the Islamic laws(  Sharia).  Setting demands of the security forces withdrawal from tribal belt,  releasing of women and children and other war prisoners, Azam Tariq
said that they through TTP committee had already conveyed their demands to the government committee but none of their demand was  accepted as  a single security post  was not vacated by the security   forces so far.  "Killing of 23 paramilitary troops in Mohmand Agency was the result is
the payback as secret agencies had killed our 16 fighters in  Nowshera,Sawabi and Charsadda", said TTP spokesman. He said that after starting peace dialogues by the government their 74 fighters were so  far killed while one of their fighters escaped from the security  forces custody. When TTP spokesman was asked that if peace talks  failed what would be their stance then he said they were fighting
against the false powers and would keep fighting until they not  enforce Sharia in the country.  Azam Tariq said Pakistani jet fighters  have killed innocent people in recent Waziristan Agency bombardment
but still they were serious to keep continue peace dialogues with the government.


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